Black on Black


The teaching unit „BLACK ON BLACK“ addresses Afro-American culture and consciousness, and is basically conceived as teaching material for the Gymnasiale Oberstufe, whether for major or minor subject courses in Music or English, with an emphasis on literary, political and historical aspects.

The unit takes us through more than two hundred years of U.S. History as seen from the perspective of the Black community, and introduces the student to the Negroes`cultural and political response to their experience, reflected in music, literature and political section. Ideally, the student should progress through the sections of the unit and in this way become aware of the development of Afro-American culture. It is, however, possible to choose a musical and a fictional or non-fictional sample from each section, thus offering the student a more general survey. Alternatively, the teacher may wish to concentrate on only one section, or even more specifically, on the songs in that section. Proceeding in this way, certain parts of the unit should prove manageable in more advanced middle school courses (9./ 10. Jg.)

Finally, we should like to thank the following persons for their kind assistance: Bert Haus, Dan Simmons (American Forces Network), Richard Pettitt, Hans Pehl.

Dr. Nicoline Kokxhoorn, Maximilian Preisler, Christopher Rogerson

Hrsg.: Gewerkschaft Erziehung und Wissenschaft im DGB, GEW Berlin, November 1984